10 Famous Child Stars that are in the News for all the Wrong Reasons

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Sometimes one is in such a daze that they find it hard to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. The following child stars have portrayed such happy-go-lucky characters on screen that it is quite hard for one to believe that the reality is so astonishingly different.

10. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey jr.

Not many are aware of this fact but Robert Downey Jr. played the part of a sick puppy at the age of seven. He mainly had minor roles in his father’s films. His father was the one who introduced him to marijuana at the age of 6. Even though he grew up to be a great actor, the addiction never left him. This addiction of his almost threatened to ruin his career prospects. He even served some jail time and had many stints in rehab. Along with a failed marriage all these incidents acted as catalysts and motivated him. He has been sober since July of 2003. The Iron Man actor is now a happily married father of two.

9. Jodie Sweetin


Jodie Sweetin enthralled us with her antics on the very famous and quite popular sitcom Full House. She played the cute middle child Stephanie Tanner, full of witty one-liners and hilarious comebacks. In the show we saw her grow up from a very smart, sweet five year old to a clever, beautiful individual. But the show eventually ended and she had to return back to reality. This was a huge shock for her, she felt a certain sense of loss and to cope with it, she turned to drugs such as meth. It came to such a point in her life that she drove drunk with her baby daughter in the car. But this story has a happy ending since that incident and many others motivated her to sober up and be responsible. Now she’s a happy mother of two with a tell-all memoir under her belt.

8. Justin Beiber

Justin bieber

The Belieber, as his abundant fans adoringly call him, has fallen on hard times. Once a sweet boy hiding behind his mother’s skirts, he blossomed onto the stage with a per-pubescent nasal voice and chocolate boy looks. He melted a million hearts with his rendition of ‘Baby’. Teens all around the world went absolutely crazy. He was the breaking news which was incidentally, breaking hearts all over the world and almost driving his fans to the brink of insanity. When he started dating Selena Gomez, the poor girl actually received serious death threats from his posse of fans. However, ‘Baby’ Bieber now entering his teenage years wasn’t able to handle the fame that came with the job and resorted to being the classic, albeit a slightly douche-y version of a bad boy. Mr. Beiber has been in the news for his desperate behaviour ranging from hooking up with models twice his age to desecrating the streets of Brazil; and not to forget, underage drinking and drugs. There are always drugs.

7. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin stole our hearts with his delightful pranks in the Home Alone series. They were the perfect Christmas movies. A marvelous actor even at that age, the Home Alone movies were his tickets to the hall of fame. But then he suddenly disappears from the public gaze. Cut to today, a picture of him pops up, looking visibly gaunt and weather beaten. Reports are subsequently published and we realize that prolonged drug use have turned this spunky boy-next-door into a ghost of his former self. It is an utter waste of talent.

6. Haley Joel Osment

Haley joel Osment

Mr. Osment’s claim to fame was in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense” as Cole Sear. The stoically delivered line “I see dead people” brought to him varied levels of fame and popularity. He received a substantial part in a Steven Spielberg film who in turn praised him profusely. He was touted to be the next big thing. He was the youngest nominee for the prestigious Academy Award. But, fame is a fickle friend. Bereft, he turned to drinking and was arrested for driving under influence recently. However, he is etched forever on the infinite canvas of the internet as a popular meme.

5. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

She wowed our hearts with her sugary sweet performance as Gertie in E.T. With her perfect comedic timing she quickly established herself and became a successful child actor. However, she went through a very disturbing and rebellious phase in her childhood. She started smoking at the age of 9, subsequently graduated to doing drugs, snorting cocaine and drinking by the age of fourteen. Following this she tried her hand at rehab twice, however that didn’t help much. She was quickly typecast in the role of a malicious teenage seductress and she herself made sure that her antics maintained that particular image. Her notoriously extravagant lifestyle was chased by two equally torrid and failed marriages. Today, she’s in a loving relationship with fiancé Will Kopelman. They have a daughter together and another on its way. Will she go back to her old ways? Well, that’s a question for the ages.

4. Britney Spears


She first came under the public’s eye as a mouseketeer in the revival of Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club. Even then her vocal skills were quite impressive. In the coming years, she firmly established herself as the Teen Pop queen. She was the total blond Diva, loved and pampered by everyone. Dating fellow ex-mouseketeer Justin Timberlake who himself was in a successful boy band garnered even more media attention. She married her backup dancer and after the birth of three sons, she divorced him. Her aunt to whom she was close to died, due to cancer. That’s when it all went downhill. She was grief stricken and in that haze she shaved her head and checked into rehab for addiction. She lost the custody of her children to her ex husband and it was reported that she left them unsupervised in the car. Serious questions were raised on her mental sanity. But recently, even after many failed relationships she seems better than before.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Linsday Lohan

She was first noticed when she played a double role in Parent Trap. Her sweet girl-next door looks and equally sweet characters endeared her to the masses. With the release of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls which were both commercial successes, she became the typical all American girl. What came after was quite shocking and unexpected. Pictures of her drinking whilst being underage were splashed in all the magazines. She was placed in court mandated rehab after she failed to appear at a hearing for driving under influence. Such legal troubles continued to follow her and she was briefly jailed. Now she’s a struggling actor trying to make it in the world. It is quite visible that all her years of rumoured drug use and hardcore partying have taken a toll on her once flawless looks. Here’s hoping that she returns to her former glory.

2. Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana proved to be a breakout role for this young actor and singer. The show was quite successful and popular among tweens and for whom Miley Cyrus served as an appropriate role model. Hence, it came as a rude shock when she posed nude while she was a teenager. And then came the drug use and proclamations in support, the drinking and the partying, basically all of the things which go along with a typical Hollywood lifestyle. Everyone expected Miley to rise above such foibles. From gyrating on stage to appearing completely nude in her music videos, save for a cleverly placed wrecking ball she has managed to make headlines with her antics. It is rumoured that such actions were behind her breakup from her fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Recently she was in the tabloids for smoking onstage. But life goes on and soon the public will grow tired of her attention grabbing stunts. Let’s hope that when that time comes it’s not too late for her to recover.

1. Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes was a sweet little kid appearing in mostly romantic comedies and was well appreciated. As she grew older the roles were measly and fame or the lack of it, made her go all sorts of crazy. Wearing a revoltingly blond wig and getting her cheek pierced on an impulse were few of the warnings signs. Amidst her legal troubles, she apparently started a small fire after which she was held in lock-down to be psychologically evaluated. Well, we can only pray.

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