Top 10 Easy Ways to Liven Up your Home

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Love, emotions, memories and the sense of togetherness make up a home. Your home is not just a shelter but your own little world where you spend innumerable lovely moments with your close ones. Every home speaks out its own story reflecting the tastes and personalities of its inhabitants. All housemates organize and decorate their house in a special way that makes it unique. Decorating your home in a tasteful manner imparts warmth and elegance to it. Negligence may make a house appear dull and cold but it is not necessary to hire an expensive interior decorator to redesign everything to add life to a house. You yourself can liven up your house in an easy and affordable way, just by implementing a few home décor ideas which effectively add radiance to your vicinity. Ten of such simple but brilliant ideas are listed below which can liven up your house any day:

10.  Put in some fresh flowers and indoor plants:

This is the cheapest method you can employ to add life and chastity to your residence. Flowers like orchids, lilies, roses and daisies not only make your personal space more vibrant but also have refreshing aromas. Indoor plants are a great trend and are healthy too. They clean up the air inside, maintaining purity and freshness. You can adorn your living areas with potted plants or you can even hang them through hooks. They give a serene, eye catching and fuller look to your home.

9. Let your home breathe in refreshing scents:

refreshing scents

Air fresheners are amply available in all stores for people who love to have fresh scents occupying their place. Bad odor in the house is quite annoying and there are both natural and commercial products to deal with it. Fresh flowers in this case are just perfect. Scented candles are again an excellent idea since they add to both lighting and aroma. The best part is that you can choose your own favorite scent from a variety consisting of lavender, rose, jasmine, lily, cologne and many others.

8. Artifacts and paintings are a must-have:

paintings and artifacts

A great way to decorate your home is by hanging appealing paintings to your walls. Both wall paintings and glass paintings have been popular since decades now. Exquisite pieces of art like sculptures or antiques have a different ambiance and are sure to add newness to your place. These are particularly good for your living area as they also impart a sense of royalty and luxury in the eyes of your guests. Before getting an art piece home, be sure that it makes sense to you and dissipates positivity.

7. Have and maintain a garden in your home:


A home garden is perhaps the best place to sip in your morning tea, whether located at the entrance to your house or the terrace. Even if you do not love gardening as much, having a garden in your home will keep you cheerful and connected to nature. It is good to maintain the garden on your own as it gradually brings in a sort of attachment, but you can still employ a part time gardener if you have a hectic schedule. It is a place where you can let go off your worries during those difficult times. Having a variety of plants and flowers around will surely liven up the entire vicinity.

6. Make a tasteful selection of fabrics:


It won’t cost you much to adorn your house with bright and right fabrics. By “fabrics” I mean all of them here – the bed sheets, table covers, curtains, rugs, mats, window coverings and the upholstery. Cotton, satin, mesh, lacy eyelets and crochet have been making trends. Choose bright and vibrant colors like shades of reds and yellows which enhance the radiance of your personal space. Low cost rugs are available in different colors and designs which give a fresher look to a room, creating a splendid atmosphere. Satin drapes, woven roller shades, bright cotton curtains and wall blinds beautify a room like nothing else. However, selection of all fabrics should be such that it complements the furniture and color scheme of the entire house.

5. Grab hot home décor accessories:

home decor accessories

There is a lot more to a home than just furniture and paintings and that is a variety of other home décor accessories. However, the best part is that they are cheaply and easily available in all local markets. These include wall clocks, wind chimes, vases, lamps, cushions, artificial flowers, wall hangings and little showpieces. Every individual has a different taste for such articles, hence decorates his house in a different manner. But all of these modern or traditional accessories make your home more beautiful and appealing.

4. Let your photos do the talking:


Now this is the best way of personalizing your space – having a photo section in your house. Dedicate a small wall of your living area or a part of a larger wall to your photos. Your old and recent photographs will tell your story and there are a variety of interesting ways in which they can do it. You can have beautiful frames around your photos or you can have a bigger photo collage in your living area. Customized photo wallpapers are hot and popular these days. You can even follow a color scheme in your photos. So, if your photos are still packed in old albums, it’s time to take them out and frame them so that they may adorn your house creating a warmer and homelier atmosphere.

3. Splash out colors:

splash out colors

The colors flaunted by your walls and furnishings depict your style and choice. Set a theme for every room and implement the color scheme keeping the theme in mind. Low cost paints can be purchased from market to give an affordable make over to your walls. You can paint the walls on your own and by involving your housemates, thereby reducing the cost. Whereas dark colors will lend in some passion, lighter colors will restore serenity and the pastel colors will add perk to the surroundings. Don’t shy away from bold colors, instead make a statement by mix-matching them with sober ones. Not just walls, you can splash out colors in your home through woodply and tiles.

2. Go for the Right Light:


A very important part of your home décor is lighting. An extensive range of fancy lights is available in markets. The color, type and intensity of light vary in different parts of the house and as per affordability. Bright lights can add life to any room and make any area appear beautiful. Stylish LEDs, lamps, lamp shades and CFLs can be appropriately chosen to deliver vibrancy to your home. Lighting sets the mood of the moment. Trendy dimmers for bedrooms exhale an air of romance in the bedroom whereas colorful lamps set the cheerful mood in the living room.

1. Tiled, Papered or Textured – Walls are Most Important!


The most important parts of a house are undeniably the walls. To liven up the house, one must liven up the walls of the house. Each wall of a house requires a peculiar decoration scheme. Wallpapers are more in fashion now than ever before. A variety of eye-catching prints and patterns are available in wallpaper designs, suiting the mood and tastes of all age groups. Wall stickers are in trend and leading paint companies also provide stencils for making customized wall designs. Brightly textured walls can impart classy and contemporary style to any living area. Colored and patterned tiles too add up to the elegance of the room. On a low budget, you can texture a wall yourself, or make your own wall design using stencils to see your dull house turn into a radiant one.

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