10 Bad Things That Children Learn In School

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School, in the words of students, is an institution which we are bound to attend in our lifetime. The first level of education starts from school. You owe all your good values, habits, knowledge to your school. We just take in whatever we are taught at school blindfolded. Whatever the teachers try to instill in us comes to us automatically. We’ve all had our bad and good days at school. Well surprisingly enough within the protective walls of the school, you are also bound to fall astray with certain bad habits. They may not be taught by anyone but they just accidentally happen…


Who can ever forget those days when we were stopped midway by a senior and told to introduce ourselves? Adding on to that many embarrassing pranks were played on us. Well, having faced the trauma when the seniority dawns upon you, you too would love to take the revenge from the poor, innocent juniors.


Everyone knows how it’s done and we can’t deny that we all have done it at least once. Be it the surprise tests in class or the forever dreaded exams, sneaking a peek into the other one’s copy have saved many of our lives. Or the gutsy ones have even dared to tap the person sitting in front of you unless the answer comes through.


There’s always come that time when you are left with no option and you’ve reverted to mugging up your lessons to gain marks. Who cares about what it means is the attitude carried by the students. Who would give up something as heavenly as marks for understanding topics, right? Students burn the midnight oil simply stuffing their brains with word to word learnt topics just the night before the exam. Red alert!!! This is a whole lot harmful than you think. Lack of knowledge is something everyone regrets later on.


There always exists a bunch of students who have a know it all attitude. Being exceptionally good with their academics, they consider themselves geniuses which builds a kind of over confidence in them. They believe that they can solve just about anything which shatters their little dream world when they enter college as the level of college studies is much higher. They still walk with their over confidence and often end up ruining things for them.


Students usually get attracted towards the luxurious things of their friends and want the same one. The latest phone of a friend can build a hint of temptation into a student’s mind. You see a new stylish looking bag with someone and you get the exactly same one. Often this is just to maintain a status in the class or leave a good impression between a gang of rich friends. Students build up unnecessary desires and this goes on forever. Being materialistic is extremely wrong on part of the students. But it doesn’t end here and goes on till college and beyond.


Informal communications between friends often involves “omg”, “wtf”, “gtg” and stuff like this. These are nothing but abbreviations of unusual words. At school, students make the maximum use of such slangs and they get into a habit of it. This can hamper their writing abilities too as they start using such words. And these sort of words are obviously not accepted.


Often a sense of selfishness takes hold over some students who prefer getting things done alone without helping others. Not sharing notes with their friends as they feel their grades could get affected or the other would grab more marks are things they do. Stamping over other people to achieve things becomes their idea of success. And this sure isn’t right.


Students bunking school to watch movies or bunking classes to hang out with friends is a common scene. They become habitual to it and lose interest in studies. Some students are even known to bunk classes on daily basis. In this way they learn to escape things and escapism becomes their way out of things.


We’ve all had our group of friends that we loved staying with. Well, let’s not pretend like we never approved of groupism. It is something that children learn in school. They always have this gang of friends that they like to head or be a part of. This habit becomes in built and wherever students go they always end up making a group again. This sure does put an end to being social and interacting with people which in itself is not good.


Mimicking the teachers has always been a favorite pastime of students at school. Making fun of the teachers behind their backs and in acting them just to act cool in front of your friends has been done by all. On a serious note it truly means disrespecting your teachers who are responsible for your over all development.


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