10 Adorable things Babies do

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A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. Everything about them is cute and adorable. They way they giggle, their bright shining eyes, their rosy skin, their characteristic smell, the way they yawn, their expression, the list is endless. They are born with desire to get loved . They throw tiny adorable tantrums to seek your attention.

They are so cute, who on earth wouldn’t love babies? They love you like no one has ever loved you before or will ever love you again. Their glittering glimpse tells you that you are their entire universe. The way they look deep into your eyes compels you to pick them up in your arms. One can go on admiring them forever. It is said that they play with angels in their dream. They are divine; they are living form of god, at least until they are toddlers. They take all your worries.

Mothers often come across compliments like- “awww..your baby is so cute”, “I want to eat up this baby”. It is because they are adorable in every aspect. I am about to list up 10 adorable things babies do, which sweeps you off your feet and compels you to shower all your love upon them:

10. They act like Little Monsters

10. Little Monsters

As soon as a baby starts to crawl he develops an urge to put down or throw away everything in his reach. He explores all the places in his reach from his crib to the newspaper rack. Babies have a destructive tendency. At times it is cute to watch them practicing sabotage. Beside this your little monster may also want to explore all the accessories you are wearing. They keep their eyes and mouth wide open and try to snatch everything snorting like a pig. It’s is so pleasant to watch them doing all these. The mischievous spark in their eyes and the evil grin on their face attracts all your attention and tags them cute and adorable.

9. Racist Baby Mind

9. Racist Baby Mind

It is scientifically proven that even a seven days old can distinguish between an attractive and non attractive face. And to add on to your amusements babies can identify their races too. You can notice this interesting syndrome incurred by all the babies when they come across a stranger. If they find them attractive, they would stare at them for long time, jump to their lap or try to touch them.

8. Defiance


Defiance is  a way for babies to define themselves. From the minute babies are able to understand basic communication technique they adopt refusing methodology for anything and everything. Babies will even resist things they actually want to do or enjoy doing, seemingly just because they want it. ‘No’ is the first common word spoken by most of the children. As soon as they develop understanding they start expressing. They enjoy the denial. They would simply push you away just because you are doing something.

7. Tantrums


Babies start throwing tantrums within a week of their arrival. As soon as they spot something they want, they are ready to do whatever it takes to get it. They will certainly scream, try to snatch it from you, or they will even try to manipulate you with their cute faces and if needed some of them are even ready to bang their head and hurt themselves. Babies learn this emotional manipulation. To babies, everything is theirs. Soon they realize that they have a separate world with different thoughts and desires and we adore that world. These tiny little creatures are smart enough to cutely strike your soft corner.

6. Caressing Touch

6. Caressing Touch

It is so soothing to feel the warmth and softness of baby palm over your cheeks. If he is in good mood, as soon as you pick him up in your lap, baby explores all your face with his soft and warm palm. His tiny gestures of love are really adorable. Some naughty ones try a scratch or pull your hair. It may be annoying to some but it’s their way of expressing love. Each of them have a different mindset and they respond to the situation according to that. Naughty ones may scratch you while quiet ones opt to caress you to express their love.

5. In-air Bicycle

5. In-air Bicycle

This is most entertaining thing about a baby to watch. Babies can’t stay still. They have tendency to be on wheels if they are awake. Even a month old will persistently move his hands and legs in air as if he is riding an on-air bicycle. Leave the baby alone in crib and sneak in to watch, certainly you will find him kicking in air. Babies keep gazing all over the room as if they are trying to map it all into their tiny heads. These gestures makes them so adorable.

4. They Fake Crying

4. They Fake Crying

Babies are said to be most attention seeking creatures in world. They fake cry and pretend laugh to seek attention. Babies are so good at this lie that they will even pause briefly and listen to see if someone is responding to their crocodile tears before starting up again. Even at this age we feel great to get attention but we are too grown up to spread tantrums like them. But being tiny adorable creatures they have this birth right. Babies have a world of their own and they are king in it. They love to get acknowledgement and attention.

3. Blow Kisses

3. Blow Kisses

Some babies learn to blow kisses and they appear too cute while doing this. As soon as they are convinced with you, they plant a kiss on your cheek. Or if they want something from you and you ask for a kiss, within a blink of eye peck is yours. Some of them even learn to give flying kisses at early months. Some may also learn learn to wave hi and bye. While enacting these they appear so adorable.

2. Blind Faith

2.blind faith

When you throw baby high in air, he giggles, because he knows that you are there and he trusts you blindly. Although he is unaware of the worldly facts but he is too sure that you are going to catch him right there. His naive, fragile heart has an inbuilt seed of trust for the adult taking care of him.

As soon as you take your finger to their tiny hand, they catch it and hold it firmly in their fist. The warmth and intimacy of grip lets you sense the faith and trust baby has for you. His glittering eyes says it all.



Giggling is  most adorable and magnificent thing babies do. A baby’s laughter is one the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. It is a contagious sound. When you are out in public and your tiny angel starts to giggle, just look around and you will see how your baby’s giggle inspires smile on each and every onlooker.  Their eyes glitter and chubby cheeks shine up as they laugh. With their beautiful smile they take all your worries. Babies are like adults, every baby has his own sense of humor which triggers their giggle. Some babies might giggle at sweet pampering word, other may like toys.  As they laugh their entire face lights up and happiness spreads all over the niche.

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